Hey Everyone!

I'm Andreia Vieira and this is my blog.

I decided to start this blog back when I was 14 years old. It was a confusing time on my blog as I wrote about anything, no category or schedule just random posts all over (some might still be up).

Fashion and lifestyle was what I decided years later to put my blog under with a few random posts here and there. I love clothes and putting clothes together. You can say I'm my own dressing up doll which is why you'll expect a lot of outfit or clothes posts. I do love other things like travelling, food, makeup, photography, writing, stationary, studying, cats (I cry at every cat video) etc.

Interesting facts about me:
- From a tiny island called Madeira and later moved to the UK at the age of 4.
- I'm just as tiny as that island, I'm 5'2.
- I'm plant-based and I've never loved food as much as I do now.
- Currently living in the London as I study Geography at QMUL.

You can read my posts every Wednesday!