Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Best Plant Based In Store Deserts

Hey Everyone!

A plant based life is a happy life and it's only getting better with all the deserts you can now buy in store. I have set some time aside to find and try as many of these deserts as possible. I tried 5 deserts from Sazzy & Fran Cafe, Pret, Le Pain Quotidien and Starbucks.
Brownie - Sazzy & Fran Cafe (Bethnal Green)
I went here once and I think it has become my favourite vegan cafe. It's in Bethnal Green which is close by and I still can't believe I've only been here once. I got the vegan brownie because a brownie is all I have ever wanted since going plant based. It was so lovely. I loved every second. I purposely took years to eat it as it was too good and I didn't want it to end so soon. It's very different to a regular brownie as it's much softer and less dense so it did feel a little bit more like a cake on the inside. However, it's so filling omg I was not expecting something so light to fill me up like it did. This is definitely one of my favourite places for plant based deserts.

Dark chocolate and almond butter cookie - Pret 
Wow. Pret is basically everywhere which means you can literally buy this cookie anywhere! I love this cookie so much I need to calm down ok. I can only say good things about this beautiful desert oh my I want this to be my last meal (that's how good it is). I can't taste the almonds in this which I don't mind too much so if you don't like almonds, you can still try this. It's £1.25 which is the cheapest but the best desert I have tried so far in store. The chocolate is melted and helps the cookie remain soft. I always want another one. You get it though, this is my favourite desert.

Vegan chocolate cake - Le Pain Quotidien
If you can't already tell, anything with chocolate has my heart. This chocolate cake again was one of the best cakes of my life. It was so simple, chocolate coating with pumpkin seeds on top. The chocolate coating was insane! I love when any sort of desert is just covered with a slightly firm coat of chocolate. I love the texture it adds to the overall cake. I will say this cake was quite small and was the most expensive desert I tried.

Vegan Apple Pie - Le Pain Quotidien
I didn't have the whole apple pie but I tried a piece and it was very good. I was quite impressed. It had a very similar taste to a milk based apple pie. However, again it was quite expensive and you got even less than you did with the vegan chocolate cake. It was a very small slice literally gone in a bite.

Raspberry and chocolate cake - Starbucks
I'll be honest I don't really like raspberry but this cake was pretty good. This cake was also covered in that slightly firm coat of chocolate that I love and previously mentioned which here is actually chocolate icing. The chocolate cake is sandwiched with a layer of raspberry icing which I don't have any bad feelings towards. I like it because there's not a lot of it. Raspberry is also present on the top of the cake as dried raspberries which again I couldn't taste much of. I don't think I'll get this cake again. It's good and I like it but I feel like it's missing something. Again, price :(( It's sad that the price for these deserts are so high yet you get so little.

Best = 1. Pret cookie,  2. Le Pain Quotidien chocolate cake, 3. Sazzy & Fran cafe brownie, 4. Starbucks cake and 5. Le Pain Quotidien apple pie.

I think the Pret cookie is the best plant based in store desert. It's not expensive and you get a cookie that is the same size as all the other cookies that aren't plant based. I would not think twice. I'd get it if I felt like I wanted a desert. The others are just as lovely but because they're plant based, they will be small and expensive. If you compare it to other items in the store you will realise that just because it's plant based you will get less for you money. However, I think Pret aren't like this and actually make a decent sized, inexpensive cookie.