Wednesday, 20 June 2018

New Summer Outfits

Hey Everyone!

I'm just under a month away from going on holiday!

It's going to be a different kind of holiday as I will be away for about a month and a half. I've never been away for this long so we'll see what happens but it does mean I can buy a few things before. I brought a few clothing items and shoes that I want to share with you which I have pared together with other items to form outfits. In my next post I will decide on my favourite outfit out of these and tell you about it..
1. Dress = Nasty Gal
  • I love this dress! I really like the style and print of this dress. It also just flows really nicely and is so cute on.
  • I do wish it was a little bit more fitting as it does make me look a little bigger than I actually am.
  • I have this feeling that on a windy day the dress might go up. I do love that it's flowy but this also means I could be flashing everyone.
2. Top = Brandy Melville, Jeans = Brandy Melville
  • This top is the cutest thing! I love the gold embroidery and the little angel. The only thing I'm a little meh about it is that because of my boobs it does turn into a crop top instead.
  • I have been looking for a pair of jeans in this colour for ages and they had it! It's just a really nice dark blue mom/straight leg style. I tired all the sizes and a medium was the only size that fit the best so they do run a little small.
  • I paired these two together as the high waisted jeans made the crop top actually look what its supposed to be a top.
3. Bodysuit = Boohoo, Shorts = Bershka
  • I like this bodysuit. It's meant to be white but its more off white which I don't mind too much as you have to be up close in order to tell. It's ribbed which is something I've been dying to find as ribbed items can sometimes look really cheap.
  • I'm in love with the shorts and how great is it that you get a free belt?! I think it has a mom style fit as they're longer and baggier than your average shorts.
  • I think both of these items will look great paired together or with other items. Black and white can literally go with anything but the free yellow belt does add a little more something to the outfit.
4. Top = Brandy Melville, Leggings = Primark
  • I actually wore this outfit last week when I moved out from student accommodation and wow I don't think such comfortable outfit existed. The colours go so well together and the flexibleness of the leggings means you can do anything while being very comfortable.
  • I have worn this top to death tbh, it's one of my favourites! It can be worn with anything it's soo great like that. It's very soft and thin so it's perfect for this semi warm weather.
  • I never thought I'd like grey leggings but here I am always wearing them. They make your butt look bigger than it actually is and it's just flattering. However, when you're bloated it does emphasise that.
5. Dress = Boohoo
  • I love red and this dress. I love everything about it!
  • The style of this dress is similar to the first dress, it's very flowy and has a much lower back. The straps have to be tied into bows which makes an outfit super cute.
  • However, the only thing is how thin and cheap the material feels. When it's on, you can't tell how cheap it is but it's just the feeling which I know some people might mind.
6. Shoes = Nike Air Force 1, Socks = Monki
  • I'm in love with these chunky kinda shoes! Its quite a trendy shoe as of now but I'm sure I'll still be wearing them next year. These are the kind of shoes that look super cute with cute socks which is why I have become a little obsessed with socks lol.
  • I love the shoes but they do come up a bit big and warm omg. I was wearing these shoes when my bf and I were rushing to get our 20" pizza and wow my feet were burning. They can be sooooooo warm at times its terrifying.
  • I have an obsession with cherries which in my opinion is an ok addiction. I don't own any socks with cherries so of course I brought them. I don't really know what else I can say about socks.
  • Ignore the shorts but this this top is an item I have wanted for months. I'm not actually sure why it took me months to buy this as it wasn't expensive or anything.
  • Actually this top doesn't actually look that bad with those shorts lol, they were my mum's from 20 years ago so I'm sure they don't exist anymore. They're like cycling shorts.
  • I think I'll wear this top for the airport with some leggings. It just falls so nicely on you. The sleeves are the longest things ever but it looks soo cute how they just pile up a the end of your wrists.
8. Shoes = Nike Air Force 1, Socks = Nasty Gal

  • Again these shoes are pretty great but a little too warm so I thought cute mesh socks would solve that problem. It sort of did as my feet don't get as warm.
  • I kinda like stars so I thought cute mesh star socks would be nice to style with just a plain white dress. This means the attention would be on the socks and shoes which is something I'm going for atm.
  • The thing I don't like about the socks is that they aren't made as socks. They're literally a mesh tube which you put your foot through. It can sometimes feel a little bit annoying as it doesn't fit like a normal sock.

These are the new summer outfits I have so far come up with. There are so many others but I didn't want to over do it with one post. I hope this was somewhat helpful or inspiring for your next summer outfit!