Wednesday, 6 June 2018

20" Pizza

Hey Everyone!

Since I've become plant-based I thought I would never eat pizza again. I tried a range but they didn't contain cheese so it felt like I was just eating bread. However, I found Paradise Slice which offers the greatest vegan specials. It's great because you can buy slices or a really huge pizza. I've now tried two of their vegan specials and omg you have to try it!

The first visit was my favourite pizza. It was full of onions and peppers which I love and on the side it also has mushrooms which I thought I didn't like until I tried this pizza. Basically this pizza made me like mushrooms, how weird?! The cheese alternative had a garlic taste to it which wasn't too strong but I liked it a lot more than the second visit pizza.

The second visit pizza was pretty crazy. We had to pick it up from the store but we decided not to take the tube so it was a long 25 minute walk therE and back while carrying a 20" pizza. 
They wrote what was inside the box so we got a few confused stares as the pizza was 1/2 pepperoni and 1/2 kale. The box was huge as you can imagine and it took me the whole day to eat just 4 slices. I never thought I would like kale but it was lovely on this pizza (although after a while it did get a little boring so I did remove it for the last slice) along with red onions and what seemed to be butternut squash. There was something else on the pizza which at one point I thought was mango (lol) but I still don't know what it was. The cheese alternative for this was a little less 'cheesy' especially because there wasn't much of it. It was just as nice and what an experience it was to eat a 20" pizza!

It was soo fun to try something new and experiencing how much food my body could take. It was all gone by the end of the day but it did take a while to go. Would I get it again? Sure. Would I get it anytime soon? No, maybe in like a year or so but I would definitely get a slice or two now.