Wednesday, 23 May 2018


Hey Everyone!

I tried something new! I have always been into the glossy/glowy look but I didn't know which products it would take for me to get there. I have heard a lot about Glossier and I'm really impressed. It's a brand that is all about the 'no makeup' look so most of their products are light but you can build some of them up. I only got two products but after what I tried I will be buying many more..


Wow okay I have a lot of good things to say.

This was the first time I had ever brought anything from there and I wasn't expecting much more other than the products I bought but omg.. I received a little welcome note, stickers, a free sample and a little reusable bag. How sweet is that?! It was just so nice to see a little few extra bits. I hadn't even tried the products but I was loving it all already.

I'll first talk about the moisturiser. 

The one I was previously using was the Elemis pro-radiance illuminating flash balm and it claimed to make you glow all the time. However, no matter how much I'd apply, my skin would just absorb it all so I never got what it said on the tin. With this Glossier moisturiser, I got what it said on the tin. I don't think my face has ever looked this glowy and young! It lasts hours which is very great. It seems to just sit on my skin and give me a glowy look without it looking like sweat. 

It's also surprisingly soft. My boyfriend actually freaked out with how soft it was. I used to have oily skin but now I think I just have normal skin with a few dry spots. This makes my skin seem like I don't have any dry spots, wow. I often get a really red nose due to dry skin and I don't know how but this moisturiser softens the redness. You can slightly tell in the before and after photos above.

I do apply this before makeup and it seems to maintain most of its glow underneath. I've realised that my nose (omg the tip of my nose glows like the sun I swear) and forehead definitely glow. The moisturiser can be built up but I don't see much difference when I do. Also this product hardly has a smell to it which omg I never thought I would love, goodbye smelling moisturisers.

The lipgloss is just as good.

I have always wanted a glossy lip and I'm telling you now Glossier is the place to go. It has a slightly thick consistency which does wonders to your lips. It adds volume to you lips making them seem fuller than they actually are. 

I think they are different to the lip glosses I tried when I was young. I was obsessed with lip gloss back then and apparently I still am so I have tried a few. This one is a lot less sticky than any other lip gloss I've tried. Although, it is still as annoying when it gets stuck in your hair. This means eating and all is quite annoying to do. It feels more moisturising than like that plastic feeling. When I rub my lips together its nice but whenever it touches anything else like food its not nice. I guess that's lip gloss for you. It's strange how it doesn't at all leave my lips dry but I'm not complaining. 

I think Glossier is definitely worth a try but the prices can be a little high. I was planning on getting concealer to try out but they only have 5 shades to choose from and honestly I don't think I'm any of them which is a shame. A lot of their other products, however, do seem pretty good, you should try it!