Wednesday, 25 April 2018

What I eat in a day (no snacking) | Plant-based

Hey Everyone!

I thought I would do something I have always wanted to do which is a 'what I eat in a day' kinda posts. To keep these posts interesting, I plan on making them specific and so I'm starting of with a 'what I eat in a day' with no snacking. This is a day where I will make 3 meals and avoid snacking in between. However, in rarest of occasions when my meals don't fill me up, the only snack I will have is fruit. I generally rely on fruit for my daily sugar intake especially bananas because they're the cheapest and the most filling.


Starting with breakfast, I like to keep it light because its early in the morning and not a lot of cereal is needed to fill me up. I make sure before I have breakfast to drink as much water as I can as it helps me know when my body is ready for food. It can honestly be sometimes quite hard to know whether your hungry, bored or if you body just wants water. I have the Sainsbury's wholegrain bran flakes with Alpro almond milk.

Usually when I come back from lectures I'll have lunch which will be between 13:00 and 17:00. I love salads. I think its the best kinda thing to have for lunch because it can be really filling but not so much that you are stuffed. I used some iceberg lettuce, red onion, chickpeas and cannellini beans. For the dressing I used my go to olive oil, salt and vinegar. I honestly love this sort of dressing but I know it is not for everyone, it's just so easy and tasty like the ingredients for the dressing are probably already in your cupboard. I did use a very large bowl for this salad so there was a great amount.

For my last meal of the day, I made some lovely rice (as I like to call it), cooked some vegetables and a can of Heinz Creationz veg chilli beanz. This one of my most filling meals. It contains a range of beans which are pretty good for you and are what makes the meal really filling. I try not to have this meal too often as the can does contain a lot of sodium. If I don't feel like using this can I will opt instead for some tofu (& ketchup, it is soo good but the ketchup probably doesn't make it healthy) or some vegan sausages.

I didn't include the fruit I had in the day but it is usually a few from this list: banana, orange, passion fruit, grapes, plum or an apple. I don't eat this everyday of course like on busier days I do not make lunch as instead I will just eat a few snacks (crisps, protein bars etc). This is just to give ideas on what to eat to avoid snacking especially if you are a snacker like me and want to turn it down a bit. In the next 'what I eat in a day' I will show you want I usually eat when I do not have time to make three meals and until then try only snacking on fruit (it's hard but your body will love you).