Wednesday, 4 April 2018

A Little Haul

Hey Everyone!

I haven't done a haul in a really long time and they are one of my favourite things. It is a short and simple haul as recently I have been too busy to even browse for clothes (I know its quite shocking). I also don't buy as much clothes as I used to because I don't really need more clothes so whenever I buy clothes I do always make sure to either donate old clothes to charity or my sister.
Giving to charity or a relative is a very good practice. It's like every purchase you make you get rid of something, maybe something you're finally willing to give away after years of not wearing it.

I will warn you that most of these clothes  are either lounge wear or pyjamas..
1. Bralett and Trousers - Missguided 

I was watching a Grace Fit UK video and she mentioned this bralett. I personally 'can't' wear braletts because these ladies are a little too big. I always thought this style would not give me any support or make them look good but in Grace's video it did all of that. I instantly went for the navy one. It is really nice. The material is lovely and definitely holds the ladies up a little and I'm very impressed how even though the straps are not adjustable they somehow rest nicely. I would size down if you're a bit bigger on the chest area.

The trousers are actually pyjama bottoms! I think you could tell anyways. They are so comfortable and a soft material. It did come as a pyjama set but I didn't like the whole 'thyself' as a slogan on the t-shirt. I use it to sleep in but not lounge around. If you're short like me you might have to cut them short like a few inches. It's annoying how I always forget how short I actually am so I had to make them shorter which I didn't mind because they are even cuter now.

2. Night Dress - Primark
When I saw this cotton night dress I died. I was that little girl always playing with barbies and never wanting to share them. It is just such a cute design and I'm pretty sure it was about £5! I haven't shopped at Primark in months so who new this hidden sparkly night gown was there. 

3. Purple Leopard Print Top - Nastygal, Jeans & Belt - Pull & Bear
I'm recently trying out new things and things that are out of my comfort zone. I have never liked anything leopard print but I think it has grown on me, maybe because I have been seeing it everywhere. In this case it is purple! I can't wait for it to get warmer so I can wear it more. It is quite booby I won't lie and that definitely did keep me from buying it but its not as booby as you think. One outfit I think will look cute with this is like a triangle bikini and some shorts, I'll get back with you on this one.

The jeans and belt I also love but I love the belt more. I love the mom fit and everything of the jeans but the only thing is that the colour of the jeans fades. Very quickly. It makes me so sad because I haven't even washed them that many times and you can already see in the 4th picture the difference in black. 

4. Black Turtle Neck - Nastygal, Jeans & Belt - Pull & Bear
I love this turtle neck! It's a staple for your wardrobe but I never really had one because I always thought they didn't suit me even though they literally suit everyone. It's soft but quite thin. This is what kept me going through that random week of snow. I wore it by itself and under jumpers. It made every outfit look cute. The jeans and belt are the same as above.

This is a pair of shoes I have wanted for years. It took me years to buy them as they are very expensive and I have never owned a shoe like it before so I was worried. I ended up buying them on Depop for about £55. I really like them. They don't really rub and are so cute with any outfit. I think they make me look a little more grown up than the typical vans I usually wear. I got them in a size 3 as they tend to be smaller than your actual shoes because they're already pretty chunky.

The final thing in this haul are some trainers. The reason why I have been spendy with shoes is because all the ones that I currently own hurt my feet. The last time I brought trainers or any other kinda shoe was in 2015. I wanted some white trainers as I don't and have never own any before. These were a hard shoes to find and so I only managed to find them on ASOS. I remember checking the website twice at two different times in the day and then suddenly my size was sold out. Luckily, someone on Depop was selling them brand new for £40! I do love Depop. These shoes are very comfortable and so padded omg I have never owned a shoe so padded. I did drop tomato sauce earlier in the week but I don't think you can tell in the picture.

I know I gave quite a long description for the items but I hope it was useful!