Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Winter Coat

Hey Everyone!

I decided to make a purchase this year that I haven't done in years which is buying a new winter coat. I have 2 other winter coats that I have been wearing for years, literally since I was 13, so I thought I would buy and wear something different this winter.

I went for a long black coat with a masculine coat from Bershka. I'm pretty short so going for a long coat was surprising. I remember trying it on in store and just falling in love with the fit and look..
Coat - Bershka

The coat is pretty simple in terms of the cut and look but I did go for an S instead of an XS for a more causal look. The extra space is a good thing to keep in mind when shopping for winter coats because it's winter, you'll most likely be wearing jumpers and anything knit. These will need to fit under a coat somehow and I can only think of just going a size up.

I think the material also plays a big part on a winter coat. This specific coat is made from wool which is great because it keeps me warm, sometimes too warm. I will wear a t-shirt, jeans and this coat while going shopping for instance and I will get too hot. It makes the coat worth it especially if it's constantly keeping you warm.

I love pockets especially useful pockets. This other winter coat I've had for years has these weird but not at all useful pockets so nothing never stays in them. The coat is beautiful like I always get compliments but the pockets are just too useless. However, this Bershka coat has pockets that you can actually keep things in!

Purchasing a coat that is completely different to the other ones you own means you can definitely splurge a little. This coat was around £55 which isn't a bad price for a coat but because it was so different to anything I've ever owned before, it did seem like a lot. The fact that it's long and was just what I was looking for made me do it (my legs are warm all the time, this has never happened before!). 

If you're looking for a winter coat and haven't found one keep looking or don't because you can still find one without really looking, good luck!