Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Columbia Road Flower Market

Hey Everyone!

Moving to London is something I'm still getting used to. I'm still not used to how there's something constantly going on no matter where you are in London. This time it was a flower market down Columbia Road.

I have never been to a flower market before especially not one this popular. It was an exciting place to be with flowers, plants and even Christmas trees & decorations on both sides of the road. At one point it did become difficult to move around but it was kind of expected as it was the first weekend of December..
Of course I ended up with some flowers.

My boyfriend was so kind buying me some lovely blue roses. I currently have these roses in front of me on my desk and I honestly can't stop looking at them, they're just so pretty, I have never seen anything like them. These blue roses are now a favourite. I didn't have a choice over which bunch of roses. I wish there were more but considering London student accommodation, I don't think I could fit a bunch on my desk.

I liked how at this market they sold a variety because even though it's nearly Christmas, there were still flowers and plants that aren't so Christmassy. 

I realised that at some stalls they accepted credit/debt cards but personally I think if you plan on visiting it would just be easier and quicker to pay with cash. I saw a lot of card machines being held in the air to help the translation go through, it was pretty funny.

There are stores down this road too that are open during and after the market. We went to a Portuguese cafe called 'A Portuguese Love Affair.' It was such a lovely cafe with drinks and pastries that reminded me of home. It's quite a small cafe but I liked it. I'll be visiting again soon.

There's not much to say about the flower market as it's self explanatory but another thing to consider are prices. The prices can be a little high for what you get like the above blue roses were £10 and there's only 5 roses. I'd recommend going up and down the road a few times to compare prices with flowers but there can be flowers that are only available on one stand like the blue roses were.

It's definitely a place I recommend visiting during the Winter/Christmas time. I think during other seasons it'd also be lovely especially as you wouldn't have an umbrella getting in the way.