Friday, 17 November 2017

Lip Balms - What You Didn't Know

Hey Everyone!

I was recently introduced to a review website about lip balms where around 177 lip balms were tested in order to find 'The Best Lip Balm.'

As I was reading through their review and research, I came across some very interesting information about our lips and what lips balms actually do to our lips. I thought it would be interesting to tell you some of this information and to encourage you to go to to read more about it.

It may only be November but it's pretty much winter for me already. I've already brought my winter coat (a blogpost to come) which always means winter is here. I also know winter is here when my lips become more chapped and I see myself applying the same old lip balm. Although, what I didn't realise is that this tingly/cooling sensation I was feeling on my lips is menthol and camphor. I didn't know of these chemicals before but they contribute to the numbing which isn't a good thing because it can actually burn your chapped lips. Once your lips are exposed in the sun, they actually become more sun sensitive. Carmex is an example. It's insane to think that Carmex has always been on my lips for the last few years during the summer and so it has been doing more harm than good.

Another chemical that I didn't not know before reading the review is phenol. It's a acid that acts as an exfoliant which is usually a good thing but not as much of a good thing when applied to dry, chapped lips. Dry, chapped lips need to be repaired and not exfoliated because it can lead to irritation. Making sure to check the labels of lip balms is important because what your lips need is a lip balms with moisturising ingredients and protective barriers.

I never knew that overuse of a lip balm can be a sign that you're allergic to it. If you have chapped lips and can't stop putting on lip balm, its best to switch to a lip balm with a completely different ingredient profile. The current ingredient might be causing inflammation or irritation which is what makes you believe that you need to keep reapplying when instead it is causing more irritation. This is what can cause a lip balm addiction.

The other very interesting thing found from this lip balm review is that 'Vaseline lip therapy advance healing' is the only lip balm that does not contain beeswax which means it may be vegan.

It was really interesting finding out about lip balms from this review and picking out the ones I thought you would be interested in to!