Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Red Vinyl

Hey Everyone!

As previously stated in a recent post, I like to try items that are a little bit out there with some of these items actually being a trend.

Most recently I decided to try out the vinyl or pvc trend as I have honestly been obsessed with this trend. I've seen all the possible outfits and looks so I was ready to try it out. It was a challenge especially as I went for the colour red but I wanted to be out of my comfort zone as much as possible. I do like the red but it took me a while to pull off red vinyl trousers..

Trousers - Missguided 

I've realised that a pair of trousers like this isn't something you can wear to any location. Places such as parties or nights out are probably best but maybe if they were black you could dress them down for other places. 

I brought these spontaneously after thinking about all the looks I could create and also because there was a party the next day I could wear them to. As they were purchased I kind of regretted them but I couldn't fully regret them as I had not seen them in person yet. However, when I did I was very glad. I couldn't believe how they looked brighter in person but I was into it. I decided to pair it with a white crop top and some white block heels. With a high waisted and skinny fit trousers like this, it's best to wear it with something cropped in my opinion. 

The pair I brought were a little big at the waist which is usually why I don't buy trousers but that was only visible when I sat down. I'm around 5'3 so I did have to roll the bottom up which was surprisingly possible but only once. Wearing them out was a little of a problems because the inside is coated with a thin layer of material which doesn't have the best scent and can make you sweat a little. Personally it just got hot while wearing them as I was dancing all night. Although there was a point where the top band at the waist was creating more heat than the actual inside of the trousers. The scent didn't travel from the fabric to my skin which was so great as it was a pretty awful scent.

I usually wear dresses here and there but I can tell you that I got more compliments wearing these red trousers than any other dress. A lot of people seemed to love it which I didn't expect at all. If you want an outfit that will turn heads (literally everyone on the busses turned to look) then I think you need a pair of these.