Friday, 15 September 2017

Epic Ink Liner

Hey Everyone!

If you didn't know, eyeliner is part of my everyday makeup routine. It has been 3 years since I first picked up a liquid eyeliner and now I have no reason to ever put it down.
I'm constantly looking and trying different eyeliners but I think I have found 'the one.'

'The one' eyeliner I'm talking about is the eyeliner that is easy to use & hold, affordable, cruelty free and intense in colour. It's officially my new favourite and I intend to continue to use it for the longest time, NYX Epic Ink Liner is 'the one.'
I can't believe I have found this eyeliner. I didn't even plan to buy it which I usually do. I'll start with the brush on the product, it is pretty identical to the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner as it's made up of hairs to form a brush instead of the usual felt tip like end. I honestly prefer it to the Tattoo Liner because the colour is a lot more intense even after a month of using it daily.

If you didn't read my post on the Tattoo Liner you wouldn't know how much I disliked the way the product worked. You had to shake the product until ink came running down into the brush which was a nightmare because it would never reach the end of the brush. I had to constantly open up the brush to force the liquid down to the tip. However, that isn't the problem with this eyeliner which is a surprise due to how similar they are. I think the difference is due to the material of the brush 'hairs.'

I don't have oily eyelids but I have seen a few reviews that say it works well with oily eyelids which explains why it lasts a very long time. I have cried while wearing this eyeliner and I was also laying down. Surprisingly nothing really affected it as I ended up leaving the house without having to top it up. It looked the same as it did in the morning, the intense colour suggests even if a little came off it wouldn't be visible. I think this eyeliner is more long lasting in terms of it sustaining to most conditions compared to other eyeliners.

I'm trying to change out all my makeup to cruelty free makeup. I'm nearly there it's just the primer and concealer that needs changing but it makes me happy to know that this product hasn't been tested on animals. If there's ways to test products not on animals, why would you test on animals?

I'd say it's a great dupe for the Tattoo Liner but either way it is a really good eyeliner and for £9?! Wow, I don't want the price to go up as it's affordable but for the quality I wouldn't think £9, I would've thought a lot more. This is a product all you eyeliner lovers need.

Also this post is a little late which is because I am moving very soon to London! I have just been packing and mentally preparing for what there is to come but from now on it should be the usual and weekly Wednesday post :)