Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Pink Sequins

Hey Everyone!

A while ago I came up with the thought of looking like a brunette Elle Woods from Legally Blonde. The idea came to mind after watching the film which is one of my all time favourite films. Sequin bikinis at this point were starting to become a thing especially after Kendall and Kourtney wore a few.

I was not prepared at all for how hard it would be to find this pink sequin bikini. It took me a few months which was a time frame I didn't expect but PrettyLittleThing finally restocked. It's just a simple triangle bikini with the little touch of pink sequins, although I didn't know it would be so useless?

It would turn out to be that I'd wear this bikini what felt like seconds to take pictures and let the kittens play with it.

After researching the bikini possibilities, most didn't have sequins everywhere just the top bikini part and the front of the bottoms so that they would be wearable. Although, I didn't know that was why so I got this one with sequins everywhere which explains why it can got very uncomfortable sitting on a brick wall. This means I wouldn't be able to wear this to the beach as every seating option at the beach is the floor which can either be sandy or rocky, (either way hard).

I was only be able to wear this to the pool as sand would get in and between every sequin. I couldn't deal with washing out every sand particle especially as most the beaches I went to were black sand. 

I'll admit the design is not the best for a sequin bikini because it is literally the most uncomfortable thing. The bottoms are definitely the worst bikini part. I got a size 6 and they're still somewhat big so walking around with sequin rubbing in between your legs is not fun. The top, on the other hand, was not as uncomfortable but as I predicted it didn't give any support.

Honestly I just wanted to try this sort of bikini out because it is quite fun to wear until you realise the bottoms are quite literally hurting you. I think it'd be best to just purchase the top part as you could wear it to events such as festivals. 

It's still an item of clothing that I have in my closet and will keep because it's still so beautiful. Maybe I'll want to be a brunette Elle Woods for the day again or use it for a halloween costume who knows.