Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Angelina Paris

Hey Everyone!

While my boyfriend and I were in Paris we decided to quickly stop at Angelina before our train on the last day. We went to the one located right in the centre of Paris near the Louvre. It took us a while to decide whether or not to visit because we didn't want to miss our train as we knew Angelina is a place that's most likely to be busy all the time.

We went for their famous hot chocolate, black coffee, croissant and a Millefeuille..
As I said, we visited Angelina on our last day and so we had our suitcases with us. It was so lovely that they were able to take our suitcases and put them away somewhere safe. 

One of the things I like about eating in central Paris is that the menus translate what is available to English. We already knew what we wanted to order as we initially thought we were going to miss our train. There were pictures in the menus too which was helpful especially when it came to choosing something sweet to go with our hot drinks.

The hot chocolate was a kind of hot chocolate I've never tried before. It was a little thick and tasted a lot more like chocolate which I loved. I couldn't finish it on my own as my boyfriend kindly helped me finished it which he also loved. At 8.20 euros you do get a lot of hot chocolate (fills a cup twice) and something I would get again.

The Millefeuille was a vanilla Millefeuille and I couldn't believe how well it went with the hot chocolate. The hot chocolate is very sweet but because the vanilla was a cool temperature I was able to eat it all (with a little help from the bf again). I didn't feel sick or anything which I definitely was expecting after eating a lot of food rich in sugar. I also didn't get bloated which was really strange as I usually do get a little bloated after every meal, I was incredibly relived.

As for what my boyfriend ordered, he did love his black coffee as he said it was more of a drink than something to keep him awake. The croissant was very good but it was the first he had in Paris and not at all expensive compared to all the other pastries. 

I realised in Paris that services especially in restaurants are very fast, we were able to order, eat and pay within 45 minutes which meant we didn't miss our train. The moment we were sat down someone came over to take our order and gave us water (free water is pretty great) as water helped down everything. I just love a fast service!

Visiting Angelina was a highlight of our trip. It was just nice to sit down and eat some sweet treats before heading home while taking the busy route (e.g. metro). If you are ever in Paris go to Angelina, that's something I will always recommend.