Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Ultimate Salt Scrub

Hey Everyone!

For a few weeks I have been trying the Sanctuary Spa 'Ultimate Salt Scrub,' which so far has been working with my skin. It's a scrub that contains sea salt and other oils such as coconut oil that are there to help soften your skin. I can say that it does actually soften your skin and adds a little shine at the end too. It's exfoliating and moisturising which I didn't think was possible all in one.

It's a product that can be applied at anytime or anywhere but I would personally use it during a shower or bath. I would start at my ankles and work my way up to the top. I only use this product for my legs and arms but it can be applied to your whole body. It does start to feel weird on your hands as you are constantly rubbing in salt. 

For an effective use, you do not need a lot of the product as once it's rubbed in into all parts of the skin, it will become smooth and moisturised. This allows the product to last even longer and there is even a travel size version which I will definitely purchase for my summer trips. 

The scent of a product has always been a factor that helps determine whether I buy a product or not especially when it comes to skincare products. The scent of this product is a scent that I do like which I think a lot of people will also like because it's just a combination of the oils and so nothing too sweet. I'd say it is strong in one way as the scent does last from the night to the morning after.

In relation to the outcome of the product, your skin will instantly become smooth and moisturised which lasts for a day or two. You can tell the difference even if your skin is already sort of soft.
It also softens any dry skin which it doesn't completely remove but by softening it, it does make it less visible. Although, to maintain this dry skin soft, I have realised that you will have to use the product frequently.

While it moisturises and softens the skin, it also exfoliates the skin which I have noticed has slightly helped with ingrown hairs. I seem to have less ingrown hairs ever since I have used it constantly for the past two weeks.

I would recommend this product to anyone especially as it is vegan friendly while containing ingredients that should be suitable for all skin types. It's around £13 which is so great for the large amount you get and for all the benefits it brings.