Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Paris, France - A Short Guide

Hey Everyone!

Last week my boyfriend and I spent a few days in Paris. I wanted to share with you how I fell in love with a place I wasn't as interested to visit before. Paris is one of those places that you can't just visit with anyone and I never got the opportunity to meet someone who I'd want to be with but also in Paris with. While doing a lot of research on what to see and do in Paris I realised how great of a place it is with a bonus of an Eiffel Tower..
A lot of pictures were taken because everything was beautiful to look at, my eyes never got bored at anything even staring at the floor on the metro was fun (in a weird way). I plan on writing a few more posts about this trip of which you can expect a lot of pictures also.

When it comes to a city like Paris I'd recommend Airbnb or renting a small apartment as you're more likely to experience the Parisian life. It's a lot more affordable too and you can get a whole place to yourself instead of a room. Although be prepared for the unexpected. Our Airbnb, for instance, required us to turn the key twice and twist again in a certain way. It felt impossible to open the door but somehow my boyfriend saved the day.

We stayed in Belleville which at first we didn't receive the greatest welcome especially me as some guy was making fun of my large boobs. It left me feeling really uncomfortable and being uncomfortable in Paris was an occurring thing. While at the Eiffel Tower, we were stopped as a guy started making a bracelet on my boyfriend's hand without his permission. It was uncomfortable for the both of us as we knew their next step was to ask for compensation for a bracelet we did not want in the first place. It ended well though with us walking away without a bracelet or being robbed. 

One of the best views was while on the Arc de Triomphe. You can see Paris from different angles of which one of them includes the Eiffel Tower. Although be prepared to climb the steepest and what felt like the longest stairs of your life. We didn't manage to climb up the Eiffel Tower because of Bastille Day but I don't think we missed out.

Norte-Dame de Paris was very beautiful but I pretty much fell in love with the French Gothic architecture especially with the Sainte-Chapelle.
The Sainte-Chapelle is the first building to ever leave me speechless. It was on the top of my list of 'things I need to see in Paris or else I'll be sad.' I've never heard of it until I did my research and fell in love, it's just so beautiful and something I could keep visiting.

I'm planning on making a whole post on the Louvre but I've always liked art like a lot. I didn't expect it to be as large of place so it's hard to see everything you want to see in a day. I'm still a little sad we couldn't find 'The Astronomer.'

I was very impressed with the service in restaurants as it was always fast no matter where we went. We'd order and a few minutes later we had our food, not undercooked or cold it was pretty insane how fast it worked. However, you can expect high prices even far out from the centre of Paris. From what I saw the drinks were extremely overpriced especially near the arc. Water, for example, could cost over 4 euros and coke was over 8 euros.

Overall it was a pretty great place and I'd consider it one of my all time favourite trips away. If you plan to travel to Paris I'd take the train and use the metro because it was easier to navigate the city this way (also taxis cost a fortune I'd stay away from them for a while). I spent most of my money on food which is insane!! I didn't spend all of my money but only 20 euros was on souvenirs so over 100 euros was spent on food. Also to mention because I live in the EU and had proof (e.g. divers licence) I was able to visit all of these places for free even the Louvre. I was shocked too and had no idea until we read the signs.

I think I've said a good amount about Paris so I'll let you be.