Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Musée du Louvre

Hey Everyone!

Musée du Louvre is a place in Paris that you cannot miss. It's impossible for someone not to have an interest in art because even by looking at paintings, for instance, is showing interest whether you understand it or not. Taking the time to look is very important and definitely shows appreciation.

It is a very beautiful building especially with the Louvre Pyramid in the centre of which you actually have to go through in order to enter the museum..
As you enter you can pick up a map for free which is useful to some extent. It shows all the different levels and what you can find with a limited amount of images of actual art of which were only of the most popular pieces. I made a list and did my research so I knew where most of the art I wanted to see could be. However, all of the art titles were in French which was expected but that didn't click while making my list. Next time I'll just have saved pictures of what it is or the names in French. 

It turns out that the building is a lot bigger than it seems on the map. It's easy to get lost or confused but if you go to a nearby window the outside of the building can help a little. We spent around 3 hours in the Louvre but we somehow managed to miss a whole half of a floor. You can't see everything especially with how busy it can get.

Mona Lisa is the most precious painting at the museum it's essentially 'locked up' with 3 guards standing aside. There was a border stopping people from getting close it was a little chaotic and hard to get away from as it just gets busier. The painting is a lot smaller than what I thought but the plastic was in the way which ruined its beauty just a little bit. That's why I ended up taking a picture with another favourite of mine. 

I think one things that many people forget to do when they visit the Louvre or any other museum is to look up. It's in these places where you can find underrated beauty because no one really expects art to be that high up. Some pieces that weren't on my list I still saw like all the decorative rooms which were all soo pretty. I wish I could've taken a chair or two home with me.  

I weirdly miss spending many hours just looking at art and seeing if my boyfriend sees what I see. 

In my opinion it is a definite to add to your list if you're planning on visiting Paris.