Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Summer Ball

Hey Everyone!

A few days ago as an end of the year celebration, it was the Summer Ball. It's when the whole year dresses up a little and heads down to a venue where there's drink, food and dancing (you don't even know how much I love the dancing part, still a little mad that they didn't play Kendrick). It was special this year because it is the last year and I can't believe how I will miss those beautiful people.

I've never had a date to any sort of ball or prom but last year I did meet someone who is now very special to me and it's so great that a year later he was my date. We did do the whole matching thing which was planned and I'm still surprised the first tie we found matched exactly to the dress.

Dress - Misguided
Shoes - New Look
Bag - Forever21

The event seemed to be more casual than last year which I thought was because it was at a boathouse. With that in mind I decided to go with the red dress and black accessories. The shoes had to be one of my favourite parts as I was more excited to wear them more than anything else but it got pretty painful quickly. I did end up taking them off like I always do. A lot of people did too so it wasn't a big deal but I'll never understand how some people can let their feet suffer.

The bag was more useful than expected as I was able to fit a pair of flats in that tiny little thing. I needed flats for all the walking as it was done a little path. I still think bringing flats was one of the best ideas I've had this year.

The night was mainly spent dancing and taking a lot of pictures omg. It was tiring putting and taking off those heels in between photos.

It was just a nice evening spent with these beautiful people one last time.