Saturday, 4 March 2017

Yo! Sushi

Hey Everyone!

Honestly, I've never been into going out to eat. I don't eat a lot and so going out to have dinner always ended up with me not eating the whole plate. I would always feel so bad for not finishing what I ordered because it technically was a waste.

Although, I found a place called Yo! Sushi where all the portions are small and I can eat because there's vegetarian as well as vegan dishes.

Apart from the great food and company, the robot thing is definitely one of my favourite things about this place. It's an orange machine or robot like I called it that just travel around the whole store to deliver your food. It's honestly so cool. We couldn't stop talking about it the first time we visited like 'how does it know which food is for which table.' I ended up working out that there must be some sensors beneath allowing the robot to know when to stop. I'm just assuming always.

The potions are small which I love. I can almost put both of my hands around my bowl, (I have small hands). I usually get the 'Potato Salada' and the 'Vegetable Yakisoba.' I really like these two dishes, especially having one after another. There's a lot of flavour in the ' 'Vegetable Yakisoba' which makes it so good that I sometimes have to order another one.

You can also take food from the conveyor belt which is tempting as it's so close to you. I think during our first visit, the conveyor belt reminded us of the scene in Jonny English where he gets his tie stuck in the conveyor bet and has to go around the whole store hahah.

It's definitely not an expensive place to eat as the price is dependent on the colour of your bowl(s). However, this just makes me want to visit Yo! Sushi more frequently. Would definitely recommend a visit.