Friday, 24 March 2017

Saatchi Gallery

Hey Everyone!

It's officially Spring but here in the UK it hasn't started with the greatest news nor has it started with the greatest weather.

The news and the rainy weather have been two things I've spent a lot of time reading or watching. It reminded me of what would be ideal right then and now, after reading as well as watching, going to an art gallery was the first activity that came to mind.

I've never realised how much I love looking at art.

The most recent visit of mine to a gallery was to the Saatchi Gallery.
I have only visited this gallery once but I have a few favourite things about it. 

There is an oil room which is the only part of the gallery that is constant because all of the art within the other rooms change due to different exhibitions but the oil room will always be there. 
It's a spacious place, all rooms are large with art only taking up a small amount of space. I like walking around. I think walking around between art attracts my attention more like it's an exciting feeling to walk into another room on the other side of a building without knowing what to expect, (this is only if I haven't researched the exhibitions beforehand). 
It's a place that is very different to what I've seen before such as the layout and the actual art itself. We spent a while in there just thinking of what the art could mean or be.

Looking at art is also a pretty great idea for a date. 
I would go on that kinda date.

Happy weekend to you all!