Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Tattoo Eyeliner

Hey Everyone!

A recent decision of mine has been to turn to cruelty free makeup.
I've recently started finishing different makeup products and instead of re purchasing I thought I'd try new products, especially cruelty free products.

After applying and wearing eyeliner for the past two years with the same two eyeliners, I thought I needed a change. I read and heard many great things about the 'Tattoo Eyeliner' by Kat Von D but the fact that I used to watch LA Ink all time, encouraged me more to buy it..

I will be honest, I'm not sure how much I like this eyeliner.

The shape and style is similar to one of my previous eyeliners which in a way I like because it can make the application easy as the product itself is not too thick. The main difference with this eyeliner is that the brush is made out of hair which makes it unique to other eyeliners, as the ones I've tried before were either like a felt tip or made out of foam/sponge. This main difference is probably what I dislike.

It requires you to shake for the liquid to be present in the brush which seems like hair. It's not the shaking I don't mind, it's how the liquid sometimes stays within the brush and doesn't come to the outside part. It's frustrating when I have to go over a certain area to cover a patch and there won't be any eyeliner coming out. I'll have to brush the liquid through my nail or something in order for it to reach the end part of the brush. 

The first line is an example of the annoying part whereas the second line in an example of the aftermath of brushing the brush through:

Although, there are things that I like about this product. I like how black and matte the eyeliner is while being waterproof. I've cried and my eyeliner has never looked so good afterwards. It's also so easy and not messy at all when removing it, as compared to with other eyeliners with this similar formula it would make a mess, (e.g. literally spread everywhere across my face). 

I think the packaging is a big win because it's one of my favourite parts like the whole design is pretty cool and it feels nice to hold. It clicks shut which is always good as it allows the tip to remain thin. While it clicks shut there's also something which I don't know what that acts as a form of platform but I do know it is pretty cool and you'll have to get it to know what I mean.

It does retail at £16 which is quite expensive, especially for someone like me who applies it everyday. I'm liking it a lot more recently and it's such a nice feeling to know that it is cruelty free.