Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Limited Edition: Zara Heels

Hey Everyone!

I recently realised that I have no heels. I seem to ruin any type of high heels, it's insane. 
I decided to sort of spend more than usual on a pair of heels to see if the problem was the heels themselves or just me.

I swear I fell in love with shoes again when I was Zara had Limited Edition High Heels..

The stilettos with a pointed toe and stiletto heel was all I thought I wanted in a heel.

The overall design just made me repeat how beautiful they were and if I was a shoe I'd be this particular shoe. 

Although, I've worn them once since and I don't know how I feel about them. I still find them so beautiful but painful at the same time. I had to get them in a size 3 and probably could have done with a size 2, (yes I have very small feet).

It's a design that will always be hard to walk in but for the first 2 hours while wearing them I felt fine, I could walk here and there. I just had to walk slow because the heel is so thin, I'm scared it'll break. I was at a party and so most of the walking was up and back to the bar. 

The pain, however, all came at once. I suddenly couldn't stand or walk to the bar because my feet were in a lot of pain. I think my feet were being tortured. I couldn't walk home. I could feel and hear my bones feet crying for me to take them off. 

It was the worst experience I've had with heels. It's been a week and where my foot arches it still aches. I remember waking up and seeing my feet swollen which I knew would happen. 

I still love them after the pain and would wear them again.

It's not the best shoes to wear for a long period of time and so I'm not sure whether it's worth £59.99 if I can only wear them for a while. I think the only time I didn't feel pain was when I was dancing. I didn't know wearing shoes could be so painful.