Sunday, 5 February 2017

Embarrassing in Urban..

Hey Everyone!

I haven't done a post like this in a while and as I was reading older posts I thought instead of reading back, I'd write forward sort of thing.

The past weekend I was in London with my boyfriend and it's one of our favourite places to visit as we both the city a lot. The day consisted of train and tube journeys (one of my favourite parts of London) along with a visit to an art gallery, shopping as well as going on a breakfast date.

I can be embarrassing but somewhat funny in between that embarrassing situation. It all started in Urban where we were waiting to return and purchase a few products. A song came on which I never expected because all the times I've been in Urban I've never heard Ariana Grande sing especially the song 'Into You.'

It's funny because somehow I knew this song and proceeded to run through the whole song in my head before I sang it to my boyfriend as I wanted to make sure I knew it. I completely knew it. I mainly knew the 'into you, into you, into you' part and it's all I sang. It was enough to distract myself from the fact I was in a queue to pay and I was next. Instead I was looking into my boyfriend's eyes and dramatically singing the song..

He looked up and forward to realise we were next but he didn't want to interrupt me (how cute). I looked up to see the girl at the cashier smiling and waiting for us to come over, she didn't interrupt either but I was so embarrassed.

We laughed a bit which was nice to know that I was entertaining in some way. It's hard to walk into a store and hear a song you know but not sing it. I always sing it even if I'm alone in a store.

Although we went to Pret and so I got to eat my feelings of embarrassment, I hope your weekend wasn't as embarrassing.