Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Colour Correcting The Under Eye

Hey Everyone!

I've been colour correcting the area under my eyes for the past week and every single time I do, I stare into the mirror confused at how it genuinely works.

I'm not a makeup artist and so colour correcting scared me in a way, it's something I don't think you need to do to the whole of your face but it actually does work. I turned to Urban Decay as they are cruelty free to try colour correcting by using their 'Colour Correcting Fluid,' in the shade 'Peach.'

I firstly applied it to the left side of the photo above in the same form as a concealer, a coloured in triangle under my eyes. I used my ring finger to blend it in as with a beauty blender it does remove a great amount. I've realised it is possible to just wear the colour corrector under the eyes as a lighter version to a concealer. I found it really impressive how you could see the difference instantly. 

I then applied my Maybelline Anti Age Rewind (I know it's not cruelty free but I haven't finished it). At this stage I have not applied anything to the right side of the photo you see above and so my left eye is completely naked. The darkness has seemed to disappear along with a vein that is usually noticeable.

I later on applied the same concealer to the other eye for a comparison of with and without colour correcting. The one with appears to correct the colour of the skin under the eyes by making the dark circle invisible and decreasing the appearance of any under eye bags. However, on the other side the concealer seems to be the problem because it hasn't provided much coverage, as you can still see the imperfections under my eye.

Adding a colour corrector to your makeup routine in addition to a concealer will enhance the use of the concealer. I always thought the concealers I've tried were the problem because even if I applied more it would not add more coverage. It was as if my under eye circles were too dark. Although with the use of a colour corrector, the concealer finally seems useful. I enjoy applying my face makeup which I don't remember ever enjoying.

I don't think it's essential but this is how I see it. With a colour corrector I can use any concealer whether it is high end or drugstore and I will only need a small amount each time under my eyes. However, with a concealer I will usually use it for more areas other than under my eyes such as for any blemishes on my forehead. In theory, I would consider it cheaper to spend £19 on a colour corrector and a lot less for a concealer as you could probably use up two drugstore concealers before needing a new colour corrector.