Wednesday, 25 January 2017

This Modern Love

Hey Everyone!

I have found the perfect 'coffee table' book.

It's the only YouTuber book that I've wanted, mainly because I love the guy and his content, but also because its a great book to randomly pick a page to read without missing anything.

It is to do with love but I think anyone can relate.
This Modern Love has the start, middle and end of what we consider to be love. I have a few favourites..
I decided to find one from each section that I really liked and maybe could relate to. 

Its a book that contains letters from all around the world of people talking about their love experience at either the start, middle or end. I like to just read a few pages and mark my favourite ones, because these are only just a few of the many favourites.

Its comforting to know that some people are or have experienced the same feeling(s) as you. I think like or love are the main feelings I read about. 'I would hate you if I could' is a feeling I felt throughout the end part of the book, as it's hard to 'hate' when you previously liked or loved someone. It's just at overly interesting book which I think you might like.

Although, in theory this was a gift from someone very special to me. I know him too well. I knew he was going to write his own letter and slip it into the book like it has always been part of it. I've never been written a 'love letter' (I guess is what I could call it idk) and so receiving this book along with a letter dedicated to me has made it the greatest gift I've ever had.

I think you should get the book and if not, I'm sure there's someone who would want it. If letters aren't your thing maybe you could write a short note, I'm sure whatever you write will make someone's day at least.