Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Real Pearl

Hey Everyone!

A few weeks ago it was my birthday.
I don't really celebrate birthdays, especially my own. I've always believed its just a number that doesn't need celebrating but when it comes to anyone else's birthday, I'd be happy to celebrate.

I don't mind gifts but the surprise behind them isn't my favourite which is why I had to force my sibling to spill what my parents had got me. It was definitely a gift I wanted and maybe even needed but something I hadn't though of..

I'll admit, I did cry when I saw the little blue box.

I didn't expect an engagement ring because it was from my parents, but I was a lot more emotional and excited when I saw that it was pearl earrings. 

I'm so glad that it was pearl earrings and not some other jewellery, because it was definitely a jewellery piece that I've always wanted but never realised. I've always worn pearl earrings and would never wear any other earrings, as I think the pearls frame my face well while adding an elegant touch.

The pearl earrings I had previously were not real and so had a different colour to them, they still seemed to last a long time. However, the real pearl colour has a pinky undertone which I really like and am grateful to have. 

Ever since I received this gift, I have worn them every single day and I can see myself wearing them for a really long time which makes them worth the high price tag.

This gift has made me realise that it's worth investing in a product which you'll always love and get must wear out of, because what is the point if it's kept in the box instead?