Wednesday, 14 December 2016

The Best Part About Christmas

Hey Everyone!

I really like Christmas for a few reasons such as spending time with family, eating good food, giving presents, seeing the faces people make as they get what they wanted etc.

It can be a pretty long list. I don't know about you but there's just something with presents that makes Christmas a fun time..
It's not the presents themselves, its the process that I love and more specifically I love wrapping presents. It's honestly something I wouldn't mind doing as a job, I swear. I have this random love I guess for simply wrapping presents and then decorating them afterwards.

I always make sure that with any presents, the wrapping is the best it can be and that any extra decorations go with the wrapping nicely. 

Other than an excuse to talk about how much I love wrapping presents, I'm also writing this post to give you some inspiration on how you might want your presents to look.

I think one of the greatest supplies is ribbon. If you're sometimes a neat freak like me and the visible sellotape is too messy or somehow in the way of the gift looking great, use ribbon. The thicker the ribbon the more it will cover and within that should be the sellotape covered. If this is one of your problems, trust me ribbon will be your best friend for this Christmas and maybe the following Christmases too 

I added on extra decorations to the bow by tying them around the bow and it looks so cute. I don't think I could or even know how to open this gift without ruining it. A thing I've seen this Christmas is stickers to help with gift decorations and so that could be used on the bow instead. 

I hope this was some what informative but if not I hope you liked how I decorated my gifts this year!

Happy Wednesdays!  :D