Monday, 7 November 2016

Lisbon, Portugal

Hey Everyone!

I have been away for while and I apologise but I'm here to tell you why.

I was recently in Lisbon, Portugal. It was a last minute trip not even a plan as the days were spent spontaneously from traveling to different parts of the city to just some days shopping.

I took a lot of pictures of everything like the buildings there of which were incredibly detailed with beauty..

I would consider myself a city person. 
I've been to a few cities and can say that I fall in love with each one in some way. 

With Lisbon I can't really explain how I fell in love with it, but it's defiantly a place where I felt at home. The people were friendly and the weather was nice, (except from the rainy first day). After being a day or two in this city I could imagine myself living there sometime in my life.

We stayed in the old part of the city which I really liked, because the architecture was from another century and it was just so beautiful. I think during this time I mainly took pictures of buildings. As it was last minute there wasn't a lot of free places to stay at but we managed to find a vintage sort of hotel. It had a balcony. I literally screamed because I was so exited and happy about this balcony. 

It is a place that had a bohemian and hipster sense which I also really liked. I was able to visit a few stores which has this style to them, especially one of a kind vintage stores. 

My love for this city had blinded me from the weirdness. It was broad daylight when I was staring at the ground and saw what seemed as water falling from somewhere. At first I thought 'water from a bottle' but nope.. It was a guy standing with his back to me and that 'water' was pee. HE WAS PEEING!

I honestly couldn't believe it. I still love Lisbon.

Happy Mondays!  :D