Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Black Espresso

Hey Everyone!

A colour I seem to always go for when it comes to anything is back, even when the subject is nails.

I like the colour a lot and seeing it on my nails is not a bad thing, it gives some sort of 'power' that I wish I had.

Although, a different finish like matte is something I hadn't thought about. I decided to try 'Black Espresso,' by Barry M from their matte nail paint line. I honestly didn't expect myself to like it, because of how weird it felt but it's now all I wear..
As it is matte, I've realised that it does dry faster than usual compared to other nail varnishes which I'm assuming is due to what this particular nail varnish is made up of. 

I thought it wouldn't be as black because of the formula, but it is as black and so essentially one coat is only required. If I apply any more coats, I think it's more obvious to see the layers than with non matte nail varnishes. I can slightly see the layers which personally I don't like, even though you have to be quite close to the nail to be able to see the layers.

When it dries, the matte formula feels as if the nails had become scratch proof. At first I believed it, however, after a few days the nail varnish started to scratch and tear. I found out makeup wipes can be the worst enemy for these nails. It seems to stick to the nails and sort of fade the colour. It's irritating at most when I'm trying to define my eyeliner and it just sticks to all of them.

I'm unsure whether its the whole matte formula or something alike of which is affecting it duration. I can only wear this nail varnish for a few days (e.g. 3-4 days) until it starts to peel off which I like at times when I don't want to wear nail varnish, but when I do want to wear it, it's annoying. 

I think I'll try other matte nail varnishes just to see if I truly like them as much as I do now and if it's possible for them to last longer. 

Happy Wednesdays!  :D