Sunday, 11 September 2016


Hey Everyone!

I have this love for bodysuits which is unexplainable.

I like the way they look and how you don't need to worry about tucking anything it. I thought my love for these bodysuits were over but I just kept finding ones which were too beautiful to say no to, like this 'Mermaid' one from The Zone..

I would normally decide on a colour such as black for anything, but I just fell in love with this 'Mermaid' colour.

I'm calling it a body suit but technically its a leotard. I actually used to dance for a while, but I stopped because at the time I thought life was complicated and so I shouldn't be dancing. However, that was just thoughts my young mind was thinking.

Although I did found an appropriate way to wear it. It arrived yesterday just in time for one of my friend's 18th. She rented out this nightclub and I thought this 'bodysuit' was the one. I guess you can say I went clubbing? It was great. I thought it would suffocate me in some sort of way, because it's long sleeve and I'd be dancing the whole night. However, it didn't suffocate me which is also great.  

I couldn't resist the colour it's so beautiful, the green and blue are such a good combination. I've realised that under certain lighting the colour can appear more blue or green. I don't think I've seen a 'bodysuit' in this colour before, but I really do love it.

Thank you 'The Zone!'

Happy Sundays!  :D