Friday, 2 September 2016

A Quick Trip To Porto Santo

Hey Everyone!

A place I have always flown by and wanted to discover was Porto Santo. It's a very small island in the Atlantic with a close distance to Madeira.

We took a boat from Madeira to Porto Santo which was somewhere around 2 hours long. The first thing you notice as you approach to this small island is the yellow sandy beaches with light blue seas.

The place we stayed up was at the top of this steep road of which can be seen in the picture above. Climbing up and down this road was a workout but I figured out walking at a fast pace gets it over and down within minutes. 

After staying the night I realised there isn't a lot to do. The beach is the main attraction and so if spending time in water and on sand isn't your thing, you might not enjoy the island as much as I did. There are a few stores around but honestly there are more closed down stores. I only saw ONE supermarket of which was insanely busy every time we made a visit. 

I can't stop saying how pretty this place is. 

The scenery is just what my eyes love to see, although we were only there for 3 days and I can defiantly say I miss it. The people there are just as nice as the people in Madeira. However, it's different to Madeira in a way that it felt a lot more calming & relaxing there. I think it might be because of the many palm tress that are around.

I miss the days where I could just walk down to the beach and swim for the rest of the day in the sea. I'll just have to wait until next year.

Happy Fridays!  :D