Wednesday, 24 August 2016

The Cover Ups

Hey Everyone!

Honestly, going to the pool/beach and swimming are two of my favourite things to do in the summer.

I will casually wear shorts and shirt to the beach or pool, but while hanging by I like to change into something more light and less tight.

I restricted the amount to three this year..
I went with three different styles an oversized top, jumper and a dress.

This is probably the most colourful cover up I own, it's defiantly my first white cover up. I love the colours and the cute little tassels. It wasn't branded as a cover up in Sainsburys (I know, who would have guessed) but I simply brought a size up as it was already a loose fit. It's slightly see through which is another reason why it'd make a perfect cover up.

The jumper style cover up is one of my favourites. I love jumpers enough to still be wearing them in the summer, but at night on the beach it can get a little cold. It's great when they're light and loose, as it makes them more beach/pool appropriate, like this one from H&M. The other alternative is a chunky jumper with bigger holes, because then it's comfortable and warm but not too warm.

The dress style cover up is the most popular, as it's easy and simple to just throw on after or before going to the beach/pool. I think if you were to do anything later within the day this black dress would be the one, as the colour limits how much you can see through. I've been everywhere with this ASOS cover up and none has ever noticed that it's a cover up. 

I'm sure there are other styles of cover ups, but these three have to be my favourite ones and it's easy to wear any of them with anything.

Happy Wednesday!  :D