Thursday, 4 August 2016

Better Than Sex

Hey Everyone!

I'm attracted to my eyelashes.

In other words, I love the difference mascara creates.

Although, I don't think I've ever been as attracted to my eyelashes until I discovered the 'Better Than Sex' mascara by Too Faced..

Whenever I'm deciding on purchasing a high end product, I always purchase the travel size option (if its available). It allows you to try the product without having to pay for the full size and so if you don't like it you haven't paid the full price. It's actually recommended that you buy a travel size mascara, because of how long you should own them for.

Anyways, I'm in love with this mascara and can say with no weight on my shoulders that this is my favourite mascara.

The design of the brush, I believe does make a difference. It lifts as well as well as fulfils the eyelashes which gives the appearance of more darker and fuller eyelashes. Along with this it also slightly lengthens my eyelashes which is always great for making your eyes appear more bigger and open.
It's more clear when I look up that you can truly see how attractive my eyelashes are haha.

I've only applied one coat but as you apply more it will give a more dramatic look if you prefer. However, I prefer the natural sort of look which is why one coat on my top eyelashes was enough for that effect. 

It doesn't add any noticeable weight to my eyelashes which is so great, because it suggests it will help my eyes stay open throughout the day. I've noticed with high end mascaras that my eyelashes feel like eyelashes and not like a wheat plant, (a.k.a not like something as rough and sharp). With this mascara my eyelashes feel luxurious, as even when one 'accidentally' pokes my eye it doesn't feel as bad compared to other mascaras.

The price for the full size is £19 which can be seen as a lot for one mascara which is why you could purchase the travel size one instead, (I got mine for about £10).

Happy Thursdays!  :D