Saturday, 23 July 2016

The Style Hacks

Hey Everyone!

I can be clumsy in situations where the result of my clumsiness is later hard to fix. It can be simply done within any situation, like the time I tripped up the stairs and spilled everything everywhere which was hard to later remove from my clothing.

To help, I have a few style hacks to share with the help of Betabrand.
The style hacks mentioned above are all so useful and easy to do, especially because you can easily find the items for the hack within your own home or nearby. 

Another style hack of which I have to share resolves around black clothing. I used to have a pet and hair used to appear randomly everywhere but it was more noticeable on any black clothing, (especially on jeans and trousers). It's possible to just buy a different coloured or textured paired of bottoms at a place like Betabrand at their women's pants section, which could reduce the amount of hair. However, another way is to store the clothing the wrong way round. This allows the hair or anything else to accumulate on the inside instead of on the outside. It implies that the clothing can be worn straight away when desired.

A style hack that I can remember aways doing is throwing a jumper over a dress. I wrote a whole blog post on it here, where I explain how useful it is to be able to create two outfits with one piece. It's a great hack to get the most out of your clothing with just a jumper and a dress. It doesn't have to be a body-con dress but it works best with this type of dress.

I always end up ripping my tights, even if I take so much care over them not ripping they somehow rip. While I was back at school, one of my friends had a clear nail varnish within her pencil case and I was confused. On this day I actually had a rip on my tights and she showed me the powers of clear nail varnish. It prevented it from stretching which is useful because knowing my nails, they would have gotten caught within the tights and stretched it even more. 

I hope these style hacks have been useful in some way and maybe you've even learnt a new hack.

Happy Saturdays!  :D