Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Floral Cutout

Hey Everyone!

It has been the hottest day of the year and I can't believe it's finally coming to an end. I like how warm it's been, because it means I can wear all these dresses without having to worry about the chances of rain.

I decided to wear a dress which I fell in love with a few weeks ago..

Dress - Forever 21
The dress has a simple floral pattern to it which I love, as it allows the dress to be used for everyday wear. It is also possible to dress up with this dress by applying statement colours instead of items, as the dress itself already makes a statement. For instance, I applied a black velvet chocker to darken the look as well as to add a little more character. 

The colour is beautiful. I see it as a vintage touch to the outfit.  

A low cutout back is something I always find 'attractive' in dresses, I think it looks very pretty just sitting on your back. It can be mysterious too, because you don't know as to why the cutout is there as it's simply just part of the dress. 

It's a body-con type dress which are my favourite type of dresses, because they're soft but cool for the summer even though they're attached to your body. 

Happy Tuesdays!  :D