Saturday, 2 July 2016

Dream Velvet

Hey Everyone!

A special occasion occurred the other week which you can find out about here, and so it involved glamming up a bit more than usual. In other words I added foundation to my routine for this occasion.

It's really hard for me to like foundation which is why I only wear it on special occasions. I'm bothered by how it can add more time to my make up routine and how hard it is to find the right shade.

I decided to try the new Maybelline 'Dream Velvet' Foundation.' I like how the product is pretty small, as I will not be using it that often but there's a lot of good things to say about it..
I really like how easy this can be to apply, because it sort of slides onto the skin smoothly and effortlessly which is really great when you're in a hurry. It blends in pretty easily and quickly also, but I think a factor contributing to this is the brush or applicator you use. I used both a buffing brush as well as a beauty blender and can say the buffing brush works much better.

I thought the beauty blender would be better, because the foundation is light in weight and has a watery kind of feel. Although, it seems to be that the beauty blender absorbs it a lot more and so it's not blended in.

Personally, I only needed a small amount for a nice coverage which can be classified as one layer of the foundation. I was surprised to see how my freckles were covered within one very light layer of foundation, as normally that wouldn't be enough but with this foundation they are nicely hidden. However, in some areas I did have to apply extra because it wasn't covering some blemishes, especially when it came to my under eyes it was hard to eliminate the darkness.

It does say on the packaging how it's a 'soft matte hydrating foundation,' which I agree and disagree with. When I first applied it and wore it for a small amount of hours it was matte, but after something like 4 hours I felt it slightly slipping off of my face.

The skin on face is interesting. It's dry in some parts and oily in others so it's really hard to find a foundation which helps both worlds. The slipping sensation was my face just being more oily, even though I powdered. It's just not fun to see the photographs from the night when you're expecting a mattified face, but you see an oily face.

I wish there was more shades to choose from, because I have a pale but yellowish skin colour which makes it hard to find anything that matches. This foundation is still a little bit too dark, even though it's '01 Natural.' I've discovered, especially with this foundation, that if you shake it enough the colour should come out nicely as it would have mixed for the right colour.

I would recommend this for occasional use or for those who are like me and like to have a foundation just in case. It's not an expensive foundation at £7.99 which is great for anyone who is thinking in trying it out.

Happy Saturdays!  :D