Sunday, 3 July 2016

car horns..

Hey Everyone!

It's Sunday if you didn't already know and I have something that needs to get lifted off of my chest.

The weather in the UK has been 'sketchy.' It has been raining, hailing and then the sun will come out like none of the hail or rain ever happened. Although, today was different it was sunny throughout the whole day which meant it would be appropriate to wear a dress.

There was nothing too special about this dress, as it was just a floral body-con type of dress. I even added a blue jean jacket. It was a dress that came to just above my knee which meant my legs would be showing. I would occasionally remove my jacket but minutes later I would wear it again. The outfit is important to this story.

I was shopping with my family, but is didn't seem like it because I got a phone call and so I was a few steps ahead of them. I hear a car horn as a car goes by. We were the only people walking by when they honked. I ignore it. However, when I get home and decide to join my mum on her daily walk it happens again but it's a different car. The guy in the front seat even turns around to take another look.

You could say they were honking at my mum, but my mum was the one who drew the attention to the fact that it was actually at me.

I was so angry and annoyed at the honking that the walk ended sooner than it should.

It's a car feature that should only be used at other cars not at other people. It's fun to use it at people you know, but not at people you don't know. It makes me feel uncomfortable, even if I'm feeling comfortable it changes that completely.

I know other people don't mind when this happens or even some might love it, but I don't love it and I do mind.

There are a lot of other ways to get someone's attention of whom you may be interested in.

I think I might go back to jeans for a while just to see if it was the dress and my legs showing that drew the attention, but I'll report back on that.

Happy Sundays!  :D