Friday, 10 June 2016

The Bodysuit

Hey Everyone!

I feel like I become 'obsessed' with certain things really quickly like as of lately it's been a band called Can't Swim and bodysuits.

A while back I didn't have a reason as to why I would need a bodysuit and normally if it gets to this stage I try to make up a reason, but I couldn't. I randomly bought one a few weeks ago to just try it out, because I could always take it back. You can say I fell in love and I need to tell you why..

I'm one of those people who always has everything tucked in, because I really like the way it looks and it's something I've done ever since I was younger. I can say I was 'inspired' by the school rules haha, as in school we had to have our shirts tucked in no matter what. I've basically had to tuck in my shirt ever since I was 7 and it's interesting in a way how 10 years later I'm still doing the same thing.

This particular bodysuit is from Zara and you can find it here. 
I really like this particular bodysuit, because compared to the other ones I own its full of colour with colours that are quite vintage in a way of which helps create a playful look. Although I find it can be hard sometimes to pair with certain clothing pieces because of the colour, so in the pictures above, you can see I paired it with black high waisted shorts. I also like how it's ribbed which most of the time indicates it's stretchy and it is so I managed to fit everything into a small size.

There are so many bodysuits out there with different styles, cuts and colours. I know a few people who don't like them and that's absolutely fine. I see bodysuits as a shirt that is just tighter and longer with some extra clothing that has to go in-between your legs.

One important thing is to always check how the part of the clothing that goes between your legs is handled. For instance, the one above is such a pain when you need to go to the toilet because essentially you have to strip down. Although there are many others that have some sort of clasp that makes it easy to take it off and to put it on. The ones without some type of clasp that I have seen so far are the ones from Zara.

I would suggest getting the right size as well, as you can't really alter how much is tucked in because of the clasp of which is in-between your legs. The clasp thing will most likely not allow you to decide how tight so it can be uncomfortable down there if the bodysuit is too tight.

The material is also important, especially as it's the summer and so you will want something light as well as breathable. I would suggest getting ones that are quite stretchy which many are, because it will stick to you without being too tight. It will accentuate your figure a lot more as well if it's from this material, because it will be light and not add any 'weight' or anything that makes your body look too different.

I would defiantly recommend this bodysuit or any other bodysuit. If it will be your first bodysuit I would suggest a simple cut and colour, like the one I first brought.

Happy Fridays!  :D