Sunday, 26 June 2016

Summer Ball

Hey Everyone!

The other day I attended a Summer Ball which had the dress code of 'Smart Casual.' I always find it difficult to dress in a way that fits this dress code without being too under or over dressed.

It was a great day until it started raining and so it was difficult to also take photos in certain locations because of the mess the weather had created..

Dress - Missguided
Shoes - Missguided 
Bag - Forever 21

I decided to go with a black dress because you can never go wrong with any black dress. I especially went for one with sleeves, as it's the UK and you can never trust the fact that the weather will remain the same. Although I'm in love with the sleeves, I love the lace detail and how it draws attention without being a lot to make the outfit seem over dressed. 

The shoes are a simple touch to the outfit, as I wanted the attention to be drawn to the lace and the pop of red which can be found on my lips as well as my bag. However, I've never worn shoes which were this uncomfortable. I wore them for a while but could honestly not wait to dance so that I had an excuse to take them off. It was 'smart casual' and so I believe removing the shoes for the last 3 hours was acceptable.

The pop of red was decided at the last minute, because I didn't want to be all in black and none there was actually wearing all black. I kept the red a little bit 'quiet' by having a very simple bag with no detail as well as with my make up by keeping it only focused on the lips.

I have to say the lipstick I wore was by Sleek and it lasted a very long time, even when I removed it I still had a light red stain. It's a useful feature of a lipstick, because after eating bread I still had it on and only really had to retouch it once.

I'm just not happy about the background of the photo above :((

Happy Saturdays/Sundays!  :D