Thursday, 2 June 2016


Hey Everyone!

I hardly wear any lip products even though I love buying them.

I have a variety of different lip products from different brands. I will only wear them sometimes, because I have this habit of always bitting my lips and so the product just instantly comes off. It doesn't matter if it's a bright red lipstick, as I will still bite my lips and all of it will move onto my teeth.

I discovered 'Benebalm' by Benefit which is a tinted lip balm and I've always wanted to try something like this. I now have tried it and can say I love it enough that I want all of the other shades available..
It is honestly a beautiful product. I love the rose like tint shade it adds to your lips and how your lips feel soft as well as hydrated while wearing the product. 

The tinted shade is described as 'tinted rose' which is a red like colour with a small hint of pink. It is a very sheer shade, but it can be built up on to give a darker shade. Although, it is sheer and so the shade will not build up to be a vibrant colour.

The softness it gives to the lips is accompanied with a buttery feeling which I completely prefer over the sticky like feeling of other lip balms.

I also bite my lips a lot because I believe it will help with my chapped lips situation of which it slightly does. However, this lip balm doesn't do a lot to help with the chapped situation as my lips are still chapped during and after wearing it. In some way it still does feel like my lips are hydrated. 

I believe it's a product which lasts quite a long time, but I'd say it also depends on how much you apply. For example, if I apply a lot it will last a little bit longer than just with a few layers. I think in the picture above I applied three layers which isn't a lot for the great amount of colour it gives and so it suggests it should last. It is quite an expensive lip balm at £14.50 which is why I really hope it lasts.

It's a great product but for me the price is a little high for a tinted lip balm. The price kind of makes me think twice about repurchasing. I would recommend it to those who have been looking for a natural colour giving lip balm which isn't sticky, as I've found it's quite difficult to find one that doesn't feel sticky.

Happy Thursdays!  :D