Monday, 2 May 2016

Worst feeling..

Hey Everyone!

I know it's Monday and not Sunday, but I need 'discuss' a feeling which for me is the worst feeling.

And it's confusion.

I really really dislike being confused.

If I'm confused I will not know what to do or think next which affects everything with the main thing being time. The longer I stay confused the more time I feel I'm wasting, because if I wasn't confused I would know what to do next and so it would feel more like I'm doing something valuable with my time.

Life feels uneven when you're confused, as you don't know what to put your effort in and so you'll realise you're just randomly putting your effort into anything with hope it takes you somewhere, preferably out of confusion. This is how I feel right now and it's the worst.

I haven't been this confused in a few months and that's because I thought I knew it back then, but now I'm confused again. It's even more annoying to know that I'm confused about the thing I was confused about in the past.

'You look lost' was what I got told a few days ago and they're right but technically I'm confused. I overthink a lot when I'm confused which makes me forget about the 'real world' leading to the fact I end up looking lost.

I would rather feel sad, because then I would at least know what I'm feeling and it's somewhat better than being confused.

I hope you're not confused.

Happy Mondays!  :D