Wednesday, 18 May 2016

What's in the music box?

Hey Everyone!

I found a music box which I've had since I was eight and wanted to share with you some of the things that are inside..

All of the small objects in this music box have a little story which they match up to, but today I'll only be telling you three of them.

1.  Toy Car

I have always really liked cars. I really liked playing video games which involved driving cars and I really liked collecting cars from Kinder eggs. All the time I visit a supermarket I have to get a Kinder egg and if I don't it's probably because I forgot. Getting a car in a Kinder egg was always the golden prize. Me and my sister would sometimes argue at how unfair it was when only one of us got the car. There's no reason why this car is in this music box, but I've kept it because it reminds me of how I need to start to learn how to drive SOON. 

2. One Dollar 

A very long time ago I got given one dollar. I remember being so happy and excited for some day to actually visit the US with this dollar. I knew I wouldn't be able to get a lot but I would be able to get something. It was during this time where I did a lot of research on which places to visit in the US and San Fransisco as well as New York were the top two. This hasn't always been in this box, because it went missing from the box a few times but weirdly enough it kept getting back into the box.

3. Golden Flower 

I was given this ring when I was a baby and can say this was my first ever ring. I'm very glad mid finger rings became a trend, as I can wear this ring on any finger other than my pinkie. The main reason why I kept this locked up was because it's real gold and so whenever I lost it I panicked, but I managed to find it. I remember how I knew it was in the box one day but when I looked it wasn't there, that's when I really looked and saw how the doll was actually wearing it.

The other things are as interesting and maybe someday you'll know everything in the music box. 

Happy Wenesdays!  :D