Sunday, 15 May 2016

My biggest enemy..

Hey Everyone!

I have discovered an enemy for this week's rant.

It's a thing which I've only realised is actually an enemy and it's my biggest one yet.

A thing which is always present whether it's in the past, present or future it's all to do with time and time is my biggest enemy.

I'm mostly late to everything but when you're also late it will seem that I'm not late and that's the only thing I like about time. I like how you can share time.

I remember back in 2008/9 I made a New Year's wish which was for time to move faster, because before I felt time wasn't moving and I wanted to be older quickly. I regret this wish, as time is moving a lot faster now and my wish might've not had an effect but I feel like something I did had. I think maybe I grew up fast and so maybe it wasn't' time.

I don't like how sometimes when I shut my eyes for a second and open them a second later an hour has passed, because thats when you see how time is moving fast. The time I shut my eyes for I could have instead done something more useful for me, like revise or eat.

Me and time fight a lot. I always and somehow make time to do things or be with people when in reality there is not enough time for both things.

I hate planning. I can't plan months or even days ahead as I know something will come up and because time exists so does planning. There isn't much time which is why people plan, I'm just too spontaneous to plan.

It's interesting how you know whether you're wasting time which is sad to know when you thought at first you weren't wasting time. For instance, I'm sat as I type this post and can honestly say that this is defiantly not wasting my time.

I can only tell you to remember that time exists and it's not running out, it's just running fast.

Happy Sundays!  :D