Wednesday, 25 May 2016

London Eye

Hey Everyone!

If I haven't made any calculation errors, I can tell you for sure that I have been living in the UK for thirteen years and only this year was when I went on the London Eye.

I've walked passed it many times when I've been in London and remember not seeing why I would want to spend 30 minutes of my life going on this thing, until the other day..
There was a day where my parents (mostly my mum) wanted to visit London to be a tourist for the day and to do all of the 'touristy' things. 

The London Eye was the first thing on the list. In the area it's located it's always busy and so there was no doubt the London Eye would be busy too. It was busy but the line moved fast and as time went we realised we were next to get on.

It was to be a 30 minute 'ride' as I'm assuming it should be enough to admire and take pictures of the view. The glass on the London Eye was a little annoying, because in some pictures you could see the reflection of yourself or of some else in the background. The view was so beautiful though as you could see further out of the city. 

I also felt like the leader of the world (especially in the last photo) as I was higher up than the people on the ground. 

I always thought 30 minutes would be a long time but it went a lot faster, especially when you would be taking photos. Although I did sit for like the last 15 minutes, because there was nothing else I could do and I was just thinking about what we would eat next. 

If you're planning on visiting the London Eye, you'll be taking many photos because the view is worth the 30 minute 'ride.'

Happy Wednesdays!  :D