Wednesday, 20 April 2016

The Experimenter

Hey Everyone!

I think I've found my favourite bath bomb.

I was in Lush and it wasn't because of me it was because of someone else. In other words I didn't have anything planned to buy at Lush.

There was this shape with a lot of colours and all I could think was how cool it would look when it would touch water. I picked it up and fell in love with the smell more than anything else, but the name 'the experimenter' was also pretty cool..
The scent of this bath bomb is so magical. I would say it's one of those scents that change from the moment you first smell to the last time you smell it. For example, I could smell vanilla at first but then there was a hint of mint. It's a very earthy scent, which I personally prefer.

It's interesting how this change of scent goes along with the change in colour, because the colours become more pastel than remaining as vibrant as they were at the start.

If you pay attention to detail, like me, then you'll realise how as it's fizzing the shape becomes almost like a spaceship. I realised as well that this bath bomb does take a little longer than all the others that I have tried, which might be because of the shape.

Although one thing I didn't realise was that this is a bath bomb which comes with glitter. I have mixed feelings about the glitter, because I'm not too sure about it being in certain places. The glitter can sometimes be annoying to get off, as at times I can easily rinse it off but there are some occasions where I have to scrap it instead. The bath tub does get glittery too.

I love how the bubbles make the bath bomb look so photogenic. The bubbles just form and remain for a while like they're keeping you company until the bath bomb is over (haha).

I would defiantly check this out in store if you can for you to, especially, see how great the scent is and maybe realise that there is glitter also.

Happy Wednesdays!  :D