Saturday, 30 April 2016

Cheekini By Calvin Klein

Hey Everyone!

I have never done a review on underwear, but there can always be a first.

All the time I have purchased underwear online, there is a 105% chance it was after midnight. It's then in the morning that I realise the damage. I laugh sometimes because I might have brought this one specific style of underwear but in all of the available colours.

Although the only difference this time is that it's by Calvin Klein and I only brought it in one of the colours available, black..

For £20 I had really high expectations, because it's a lot of money for one pair of underwear in my opinion. The material was the first thing I noticed, as it was honestly so soft that I already thought the money was worth it. It's like cotton but it's also slightly stretchy because of the elastane. Although as it's soft, I feel like sometimes it's falling down and at the same time is taking my jeans with them, (hahah).

I found it interesting how even though it covers a lot, it feels like I'm wearing nothing which just shows how comfortable it feels too.

I had to test how visible they were too. I decided to wear the tightest jeans I own to see if you could seen any lines and honestly you couldn't tell. The lines along the 'cheekini' are very thin with small stitching which is why it's hard to tell with tight jeans if you're wearing underwear.

The ones I purchased were in a small and I would say they fit quite right, as they are tight but not tight to the point it leaves marks of where the underwear was. I would, however, recommend going in store to try the different sizes to make sure on the right size.

I also feel like this pair will last a long time as they feel durable and after going through the machine a few times they have survived. 

It's clear why these are so popular which I think is because of the material as well as how cute they look.

Happy Saturdays!  :D