Thursday, 7 April 2016

Baby Skin

Hey Everyone!

A very small tragedy related to make up happened where I ran out of primer. It was a tragedy, because there wasn't enough for my whole face and as primer is important to me, I ran (a.k.a got on a bus and then walked) to the nearest store.

I decided to try one of the Maybelline Baby Skin primers and I went for the 'Instant Pore Eraser.'
The product itself has a gel like substance with no colour, which I thought was very different compared to all of the primers I've tried before. It's a primer that can then be easily distributed around the skin and I just love the finish of it. I find the finish hard to describe, because when I applied it to my wrist it's clear that the finish is soft but when applied to my face it's a weird kind of soft. I think it depends on your skin type.

I have oily but at the same time sensitive sort of skin and so the primer is useful. I thought because it has a gel like substance it would make my skin look 'greasy' or more oily, but if you apply powder after it shouldn't. I'm not sure if my skin likes this primer, because I've been using it everyday for 2 or 3 weeks now and I've had a few breakouts. For example, it's really rare that I breakout on my cheeks especially on my left cheek if you were interested, but I have recently and they're not small.

Although I've had a few spots come up on my left cheek, the primer is actually quite good at hiding it. I have to apply concealer as well in order to cover up the redness or just to completely cover it up. 

In terms of holding that concealer and other make up products it will hold it well for a few hours, even though personally as it is so light I sometimes don't realise I'm wearing anything on my face. For instance, if I'm removing my makeup a large part of it does come off which suggests to me it's good at keeping my making on.

I always talk about the scents of a product as it's an important part for me. This primer has a very light scent as you squeeze it out, but after that there is no scent at all which I really like. You also only need a small amount when applying, so it should last a long time for it's £7.99.

I would suggest you do a little sample in store just incase you might not like the gel like substance, as I didn't but it leaves a nice finish. 

Happy Thursdays!  :D