Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Lover Lamp

Hey Everyone!

I've been shopping quite a bit at Lush recently, but I keep buying and not using.

I found this bath bomb last month called 'lover lamp,' which I think you can't currently get as it could have been a valentines day spacial.

The scent has to be one of my favourites, because it's not too strong or sweet which I prefer when it comes to anything related to scents. I'd describe this scent as gently sweet, as its somewhat sweet and calming..

I didn't research about this particular bath bomb and so I didn't know what it would do in the bath. 

I saw very tiny hearts floating around and it made me so happy, but when I say popped out I mean popped out as in from the bath bomb, where 3 bigger hearts. 

The colour of the bath bomb is white which means it doesn't create much colour difference when you add it in. I think the hearts make the white colour become more of a milky colour. I personally like it, some might not because Lush is know for 'wow' type of bath bombs and this one compared to the others isn't so much 'wow.'

I didn't know what to do with the 3 bigger hearts as I was expecting them to melt or dissolve. I just ended up using them on my body as some type of soap/oil, because one heart was enough for like 1 and a half of my legs. These hearts made a difference which I didn't realise as much until my skin was dry. 

It doesn't contain any glitter which is a relief or else I would have to scrub the glitter off.

Happy Tuesdays!  :D