Friday, 4 March 2016

Can We Talk About Roses?

Hey Everyone!

I probably would say roses are my favourite type of flowers, especially red roses.

I describe a lot of things as 'pretty,' but in this case I would describe roses as beautiful.

I guess they could be a gift from someone to make them more special than they already are and so if you need to get someone a gift, (e.g mother as it's nearly mother's day) get them roses..

I never really wear my hair up, as I personally don't like the way it looks but for some reason it looked good in the picture above, which might just be because there's a rose involved. I also think the 'hairstyle' I went for matched with the rose as everything is structured and up.

I like how they come with thorns.

If they didn't come with thorns I probably wouldn't say they're my favourite.

It sort of snowed today and for some reason it reminded me of roses as well.
A few years ago when it was heavily snowing, the streets were covered with inches of snow. I was a lot younger than I was now, but back then I liked roses as much as I do now. I had my hand out and was dusting the snow off of random plants in people's front yards as I walked passed. This was typical of me as I did it all the time when it snowed. It was different this year, because I didn't realise that this planet was a rose bush and so a lot of thorns were hidden. I ended up not realising until I got home and screamed as I was a very loud child. Honestly, there were so many that I still remember the pain, but I liked the pain (lol) which is weird to hear from a nine year old.

And I guess that's why I prefer roses with thorns.. so I can feel the pain? 
I don't really know if that statement is true but I'll go with it.

Just buy a rose.

Happy Saturdays!  :D