Monday, 22 February 2016

The title..

Hey Everyone!

I just want you to know that I've been thinking about things in a more deeper and detailed way.

I don't know if this is a rant or just a thought that I've thought a lot about, especially in different ways.

The title for anything is always important.

You probably don't know, but I sort of read the news pretty quickly every morning. I will wake up and reach out for my phone to then read the news quickly before I have to get ready. It only takes me a few minutes and sometimes within those few minutes I might be really surprised or shocked with what I've just read.

Although one day a title of an article got my tired morning brain to think deeply about the words used. The title talked about how a man was 'killed' by a shark and it made me wonder, why was 'killed' used instead of a word like 'eaten?'

It's the choice of words that can have an effect on associations people create, because if the word 'killed' wasn't used people would probably not have a fear of sharks or even would not see what the shark did as wrong. It's just interesting how the words have an impact.

If the word 'killed' was replaced with a word like 'eaten' others would see the situation as the man was in the shark's territory and so he 'had it coming.' The word being replaced changes who is innocent or something alike, because 'killed' implies how the man was innocent but with 'eaten' it suggests how instead the shark was innocent. This might be seen in another way at how food is important and everyone needs it in order to survive, which is why the shark had to eat something to continue to survive.

I also thought about how if the word 'killed' was never used with anything relating to sharks, would we still classify them as dangerous? I personally think we would, because being in the same room as a shark would probably not end in a friendly way.

In general different words are used in title that lead to may different thoughts, like the ones I specifically had with this title. There are also other titles, but it's pretty late here in the UK, (just a few minutes past 12am) and so I currently can't think of any other examples.


I even went to bed last right re-thinking about this and realised how I hadn't written a post about this, but now I have which makes me happy to let this out into the internet.


Happy Sudays/Mondays?  :D